Life gets a little crazy sometimes

So we all get a little overwhelmed from our day to day run around. For me it’s running around after 3 very active kids, school drop offs, kinda drop offs and then pick ups, breakfast, lunch, dinner and then we press the repeat button, some would say that’s doesn’t sound like a fun or exciting life but its really how you look at it, I certainly wouldn’t roll the dice for a change at any time! After years it starts to get a little exhausting for the average mum/dad. So every mum or dad out there needs a little support sometimes or in my case its getting it off my chest and into the wide open world through my blog or meeting my friends for a coffee and letting the kids loose in the park (win/win)

Everyone’s situation is so different, we have working mums, working dad’s, stay at home mums and stay at home dad’s so its so important to have that one person in your life wether it be a partner, friend, cousin, sibling or simply your parents who can lend a helping hand or simply notice when you need a good chat and some support. Life’s to short to struggle away… what’s the point at some stage it’s going to boil out of you so why not let it simmer out more regularly.


I always wonder how men go getting their feelings out there? Let face it most men are horrible communicators when it comes to getting feelings out their, clearly some communicate in their own ‘blokes’ way at the pub over a few beers, cricket practice, football, soccer etc… but I always worry about the silent guys, the ones who look perfect from the outside but underneath that hairy chest they are struggling… If only we had a magic eye to see through inside and see what’s going on.