Home Holidays With Kids

So this week has been rather a lost week, holidays are almost over and I’ve literally ran out of ideas at home to entertain the kids, this week while temperatures are hot it’s all indoor play. Puzzles, drawings, hide and seek, movies and finally when it cools in the afternoon a play outside with the sprinklers and water slide. No, I don’t want holidays to be over but in a way I need some routine and structure back in my life. My kids are growing so quick and I find myself pinching myself and asking when did they get so darn big. I find myself a little lost in the world probably because I’m stuck in holiday wind down. Longing for some me time, some time not hearing the constant nagging or those dreaded “I’m hungry” words or simply not having to think about what’s for lunch or dinner or who’s bum needs to be wiped next. It’s funny when such routine and structure disappears for a few months can completely throw you off course. I somehow find myself with so much thinking time, the first half of holidays are filled with adventure, mini holidays and day trips, trips to the swimming pool and jam packed days and yep then comes that wind down when my mind doesn’t switch off.

I always found exercise a great way to escape and for an hour I’m lost in another world. Exercise is one of those things for me when I have a time and place or schedule it’s easy, you add it into your week and stick to it but when your out of cycle on holidays all seems distant. So today I thought I will have a shower and get dressed in my exercise gear and dust off my runners….. then a toddler melt down and teething clingy baby quickly put that idea to halt…. Maybe I will have more luck next week. So for the remainder of the week it shall be washing new School uniforms, cooking and getting organised for our first year at Primary School and another year at Pre School.