School Starts

So it happened our little man started big school and wait for it I survived! Well survived at school drop off and our see you later farewell’s and then I pulled up back at home in the garage and let it rip…. After I had a good cry I was feeling good. It’s so much easier when they are very excited and comfortable to let your hand go. So now I just need to work on not rolling up to school pick up 20min early each day. And we have successfully nailed week one of packed lunches. So little behind on the blog as I have been busy getting solar panels installed and ended up with a headache the past 3 days, not fun and a great way to ruin your weekend. So after picking the little man up Friday I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere special for tea, at first he said he just needed to have a rest and then it went from pancakes to Maccas which was fine as the hour drive had 3 little kids fast asleep and when they woke up they were re fuelled to tackle tea and a play in the park. That little cat nap sleep on the way meant there was going to be a noisy drive home with mum’s headache starting. So now I’m ready to tackle a decent nights sleep and get ready to smash out another week of school and kinda for my girl.