Time for a Massage

So I have had a headache the last few days and somehow managed to twinge my back playing outside with the kids so decided to head to my usual massage parlour for my usual hour massage, my usual therapist was away so had someone else who does traditional Thai massage…. OMG that was an experience. So my massage was mainly done with someone on top of me and my goodness I don’t know how they can massage with their knees, elbows, legs and ouchy… are you ok mam? “Yep no worries” which was a lie I was hurting like a bitch at times but figured no pain no game. After my massage I felt awesome and what ever he did worked. Headed to find hubby and kids and I got a very long look that it was already time for home… no lunch just tired children who had just been spoilt with icecream and parks and all they wanted to do was sleep! Arghhh so our day out ended up short and off home we headed with a quiet sleeping car…. bliss.

So for my son the last few days and wknd ahead with be focusing on him as he starts his new schooling life… my feelings aside my focus shall solely be on him to ensure he is confident, excited and ready to smash it. All good except for the other parts which include “healthy” snacks and lunches which are so hard especially when you running last and you throw in packet of tiny teddies, nope we are a wrapper free and snack free school. Yes this is a brilliant outcome except when you know your going to fail this from time to time. So scrolling through facebook feeds about getting ready for school and lunch ideas and then you jump on Instagram and see all those awesome and ridiculously organised mums who have been posting their kids homemade roll ups, muesli bars, muffins ohh you name it! So I figured get out the Tupperware and snap lid containers out for the lunch packs and unwrap all the muesli bars, pop corn and rice cakes… insert “brilliant” who would possibly go through his lunch box with a magnify glass and determine it was from a packet? No barcodes here. Off course I will have cook up days but you have to get yourself in the right headspace and go full steam ahead for me to pull it off. Ohhh I just might sit back and wonder for 5 seconds if maybe we should hire a nanny 1 day a week just to cook snacks and healthy food ideas… I’m an outdoors kinda person and a main meal chef and avoid the tedious time-consuming area of cooking… best I snap outta that sooner rather than later.